The Tailgate Company

thank you

For 5 years, I’ve had the great privilege of hosting a party for between 500-1000 people 7 times each year at my alma mater, Mississippi State University. It’s been a blast! The Tailgate Company started as an idea in the mind of an overzealous 21 year old. It sprouted into a business that served 7 groups of customers in 2012. The business consisted of 16 tents, 15 tables, about 100 chairs, a few TV’s, and some really cool lights. We operated it out of the bed of an old truck and a 5×8 cargo trailer. Both were borrowed.

The next year we doubled. Then we doubled again. MSU finally capped us off on space. Our last two years, we served about 45 groups per game. Each group was somewhere between 10-25 people. All our gear is now held in a 30ft gooseneck trailer, a 20 footer that holds just TVs and satellite gear, and a 14 foot trailer we use for small events.

The growth has been a thrill. Every year, prior to the first game, I would ask my wife, “Can we pull it off this year?” “Baby, you can do anything,” she would say.  Well that wasn’t true, but our team of really great folks…they could pretty much do anything. It’s been such a pleasure working with you guys.

As The Tailgate Company grew, so did I and so did my family.  We’ve got three beautiful kids now, and I now serve as an associate pastor at a church down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Tailgate Company has been something between a really great hobby and a way to “bring home the bacon” so my wife could be at home with our little ones. Whatever it was, it’s been a big part of my life.

“All good things must come to an end,” they say. Now is that time for The Tailgate Company. MSU has elected to move away from allowing multiple companies to compete for business on gamedays, and they are instead contracting with a single vendor. Long story short, we’re closing up shop.

It’s almost comical. I’ve been praying for about a year now that God would help me find a little better rhythm of work and rest. I’ve been trying to learn how to have a little more margin in my life. To be a little more present with my wife and kids. I’ll take this as his answer. And since this is his answer, we’ll trust that he’ll provide. As the Psalmist says, “those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” I’m choosing to believe that.

If you’ve been a customer, employee, or friend of The Tailgate Company, let me just say: Thank you. It has been such a pleasure. I’ve enjoyed serving you and serving with you. I won’t begin to claim we reached perfection, but I do believe we served with excellence. Thanks for letting us. Thanks for trusting the kid with the borrowed pick-up truck back in 2012. Thanks for letting me build something really cool.

PS We will be selling all of our equipment. If that’s something you are interested in, feel free to shoot me an email at

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