The Church and Her Leaders

Adobe Spark (18)Today’s Bible Reading:

1 Timothy 3

Go ahead and grab your paper bible, or pull up 1 Timothy 3 on another device and read it, then come back here for the devo.

Big Truth:

The church belongs to God and is to be led and served by people who love and obey God. The church’s mission is to hold up, protect, and proclaim the truth of the gospel.


Verses 1-13:


Chapter 3 starts with the qualifications of “overseers” in the church. In the New Testament, there are a few names used for overseer. Other titles for this position are elders, or pastors. Overseers are leaders in the church. The Bible always speaks of them in a plurality and as the highest level of leadership within the church.

Paul then moves to the qualifications for deacons. Deacons are lead servants in the church.  They are focused on serving the day to day needs of the church body to allow the overseers to teach and shepherd.

What do these qualifications tell us about what God thinks of leaders in his church? Are they important? Is how they live important?

What is the difference in the qualifications between a deacon and an overseer? What do these differences tell us?

What are some of these qualifications that you could be working on in your life? Even if you do not desire to be an overseer, these are admirable qualities in any Christian. It is my view, every believer should aspire to “deacon” (serve), even if they are not given the title in their local church.


Verses 14-16:

Paul ends this chapter with a beautiful description of the church and poem/song about the “mystery of godliness.”

According to Paul, who does the church belong to?

What does it mean that the church belongs to a living God?

What does it mean that the church is a pillar and buttress of truth? (A buttress is a support for a wall that keeps it from falling when an enemy attacks.) Could we say this means: Hold up and protect the truth? What would that look like in your life?


Adoration: Praise God that he builds his church and guides it leaders. Praise him that the truth we hold up and proclaim is rich and beautiful in the gospel.

Confession: Confess to God ways that you may want church to be more about entertaining or serving you and forget that you are part of supporting and proclaiming the truth. Confess to God ways you may struggle to love and follow the leadership he has placed in your church.

Thanksgiving: Thank God that he lovingly leads his church as the living God.

Supplication: Ask God to help you love his design for the church. Ask him to help you have the qualities he requires of overseers and deacons. Ask him to help you be apart of holding up the truth of the gospel.

Grace & Peace.

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