Confident in Trials

1 thessToday’s Bible Reading:

2 Thessalonians 1

Grab your paper bible or another device and read this chapter, then keep it open and come back here to walk through this devotion.

Big Truth:

Questions from the Bible Reading:

Based on verse 4, are the people receiving this letter in a hard time or easy time?

How are they handling the struggles they are facing?

Verses 5-9 describe God’s judgement on those who afflict his people. In our culture, thinking about God’s judgement can be uncomfortable. How does knowing God will judge our enemies help us? How does it help us avoid revenge and bitterness?

Verses 9-12 talk about how God’s people being united with their king, Jesus. Who are the people marveling at Jesus in verse 10? What does this mean about how we are judged?



All who believe will marvel at Jesus when he returns. This means we look forward to Jesus return with longing. Knowing that we aren’t judged based on our own goodness, but on Jesus’ perfection. We also live through tough times knowing that Jesus will settle all accounts in the end. We don’t need to get even with those who have wronged us. We also live knowing he’s returning, seeking to live worthy of his calling as we “fulfill every work of faith by his power.”


Adoration: Praise God that he is a righteous judge. Praise him that he is just. Celebrate that our God, the righteous judge, sent his son to save us. Praise Jesus that he did not come to earth to judge us, but to save us. And praise him that he is coming again to make all things right.

Confession: Confess to God ways you are trying to get even with others instead of “enduring” and trusting him to judge those who afflict you. Confess to God any ways that you are knowing living unworthy of his calling.

Thanksgiving: Thank God for the promises he has given us in the gospel. Thank him that you can look forward to his return because of Jesus. Thank him that he allows us to do good in his power.

Supplication: Ask God to help you keep you put away feelings of bitterness or desires for revenge. Ask him to help you trust his gracious hand. Ask him to help you walk in obedience by his power.

Grace & Peace.

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