Children of the Light

1 thessToday’s Bible Reading:

1 Thessalonians 5

Grab your paper bible or another device and read this chapter, then keep it open and come back here to walk through this devotion.

Big Truth:

The people of God are to be alert and hopeful as they wait for Jesus’ return,

Questions from the Bible Reading:


Take a look at verses 2-4. Describe the people who are “in darkness.” What is true about them based on this passage?

Now look at verses 4-11. What is true about the children of the light?

Think for a minute about the difference between someone who Jesus’ return will “come like a thief in the night” and someone who is “awake and sober.” What is different between these two people’s lives?

In verses 12-28, Paul closes the book with some very practical instruction. Why would specific instruction follow a call to be looking towards Jesus return?



Do you live aware of Jesus’ return? Are there areas in your life you wouldn’t want to be there when Jesus comes back? That is what Paul calls, “Living in darkness.” As application this morning, I want to ask you to look towards Jesus who has saved you, is saving you, and is returning to ultimately save you. Consider the wonderful hope we have as we look forward to Jesus return. Then, between you and God, turn away from any ways you are living in the dark and begin walking in the light.


Adoration: Praise God that Jesus Christ will come again in power and glory. Think of all the ways we can celebrate who God is as we think about his salvation breaking through the clouds as he sets up his kingdom on this earth.

Confession: Confess to God ways you are walking in darkness. Ways you may not be looking and longing for his return.

Thanksgiving: Thank God for the hope we have in Christ and for the encouragement we have in his return.

Supplication: Ask God to help you keep your heart fixed on Christ. Ask him to give you a dissatisfaction with this present world and a longing for his kingdom.

Grace & Peace.

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