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1 thessToday’s Bible Reading:

1 Thessalonians 4

Grab your paper bible or another device and read this chapter, then keep it open and come back here to walk through this devotion.

Big Truth:

God’s people are to continually grow in holiness, love, and longing for Christ’s return.

Questions from the Bible Reading:

In verses 1-8, what commands are given about holiness? What motivations are given for holiness?

In verses 9-12, what instruction is given about love? What motivations are given for how we treat others?

In verses 1 and 10, Paul celebrates the Thessalonian’s obedience to God then calls them to “more and more.” What does this tells us about our walk with God? Have we ever stopped growing?

In verses 13-18, Paul moves to talking about our future with Jesus. What does looking towards Jesus’ return have to do with living with “more and more” holiness and love? See verse 18.


Verses 1-8 focus especially sexual holiness. What are the struggles you face in our hyper sexualized culture? How can you press on in more and more holiness?

Even after celebrating their love for each other, Paul invites them to “more and more.” What is God calling you to in deeper relationship, richer love, and a gentler and quieter life before outsiders?

Spend a minute or two meditating on your future. Living with Jesus as king, having a restored body, no more pain, no more death…Let the Spirit use our wonderful future to encourage your heart this morning.


Adoration: Praise God that he is so deep and wide that we never run out of “more and more” in our pursuit of him. Praise him that he is powerful, good, wise, and gracious, allowing us to trust him for our future.

Confession: Confess to God ways you need to turn towards him in repentance as you pursue more and more holiness. Confess to God ways you may not be loving well. Be specific. God knows your heart. Lay it open before him.

Thanksgiving: Thank God for his calling in your life, for the gospel that enables “more and more” obedience. Thank God for the hope of a wonderful future with no death. Thank God for the cross that makes this future possible.

Supplication: Ask God for a deep rooted desire from your heart for more and more. Ask him to not let you be satisfied with your current holiness, love and longing, but to grow them.

Grace & Peace.

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