Bold Dependance

1 thess

Today’s Bible Reading:

1 Thessalonians 2 

Recommendation: Grab that paper bible or another device. Jumping back and forth might get old.

Big Truth:

Paul’s passion to spread the good news of Jesus and love the church is an example to us. We’ll see four marks of his faithful spread of the gospel this morning.

Questions from the Bible Reading:

Was Paul fearful or bold in his spread of the gospel? Check out verse 2. What other verses help you see his fear/boldness?

Where did Paul’s boldness come from? Was he just “built tough?” What words come after boldness in verse 2? What does Paul say in verse 13 that helps us have confidence in God as we share the Gospel?

What was Paul heart towards the believers at Thessalonica? Take a look at verses 7,8,11,12, and 17-20.

Paul tells us one thing sharing the gospel and loving people is NOT. What is that? Verse 1.

I’m summarizing these 4 truths as boldness, dependance, compassion, and confidence our labors are not in vain.


We saw that Paul’s sharing the gospel was both bold, and compassionate. How can we learn from Paul in combining these two?

We also saw Paul say  he was dependent on God and that his sharing of the gospel was not in vain. How are these related? Are there areas of your life where you are not dependent on God? What does this mean about the value of your efforts?


Adoration: God has given us a gospel that is HIS news, not man’s words. His news is that in the cross of Jesus, sinful people can be made right with God. Praise God for his goodness, grace, and empowerment of us in Christ. Praise God that he is powerful enough for us to depend on.

Confession: Confess to God ways that you are not bold, dependent, or compassionate. Confess to him if sometimes you feel your efforts for Christ are in vain. For me, this meant being honest with God that I’m not always faithful to share the gospel with others when it’s “scary.” Be honest with God about this.

Thanksgiving: Thank God that he has given you a message that is powerful to change hearts. That others have been compassionate and loving towards you and that he has used their love to save you. Thank God that through the gospel he “calls us into his kingdom and glory.” Express thanks for anything else that you see God teaching you through this passage or doing in your life.

Supplication: Ask God to give you boldness, dependance, compassion, and confidence that your work is not in vain. Ask him to use you, like he used Paul, to spread his message of salvation in the cross of Jesus. Cast your anxieties on Christ this morning. He desires to bear them for you.

Grace & Peace.

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