Chosen for Holy Mission

1 thess

Today’s Bible Reading:

1 Thessalonians 1 

Big Truth:

The people of God are chosen by him and sent out to proclaim him in the world.

Questions from the Bible Reading:

How does Paul know these people are “chosen by God? (Verses 4&5)

In verse 8, what “sounds forth” from God’s people? What “goes forth” from God’s people?


Is God’s work in your life evident? In what ways? In what ways do you desire to see him work in your life?

Is your mouth “sounding forth” the word of God? Is your life of faith “going forth?”


Adoration: Worship God because he’s powerful enough to change hearts and kind enough to send his spirit to sinful people through Christ.

Confession: Confess to God that you sometimes don’t reflect his Gospel’s powerful work in your life. Confess that you often receive his word, but don’t sound forth his word through your mouth and life. Get specific.

Thanksgiving: Thank God that he has given you his gospel and sent his spirit to make it come into your life with power and conviction. Thank him that he’s given you an opportunity to be apart of his work of taking the gospel to others.

Supplication: Ask God to continue to powerfully apply the gospel to your heart through the Spirit. Ask him to turn your heart from idols (get specific). Ask him to help you look forward to Christ’s return. Ask him to help you have a passion for “sounding forth” his gospel to others.


Grace & Peace.

PS I’m going to move to a different format on these posts for a while. My intent with these is to serve the students at my church in getting into God’s Word daily.  I hope this new format helps serve that purpose. Feedback is welcome!

PPS I plan to stop posting these daily on social media. If you’d like to get them each day, you get subscribe to the blog, or text “devos” to 41411 for a daily text. Thanks for reading!

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