Adobe Spark (16)Romans 8. It may be the mountain top of beautiful truth in the bible. I want to keep this devotion really short this morning. Not because there isn’t a lot to say about Romans 8. Someone smarter than me could write a book on it (I’m sure they have!). I want to keep this short because I want you to have time to read end enjoy this chapter yourself.

Let me set the stage for you: Paul has taught us that we are sinners (Rom 1 & 2), that God saves us from our sin by his grace (Romans 3), that this gift of salvation is only by grace (Romans 4), that we are declared perfectly righteous in Jesus who loved us and died for us (Romans 5), that we are to live out a new life in Jesus by his power through the Spirit, and that the law is good as long as it points us to Jesus who saves. Then Romans 8 bursts through like the trumpet line in a marching band, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Brother, sister, there is no condemnation for you if you are in Christ. God has declared you worthy, no one can declare you unworthy. God has made you his own, no one can take you from him. God has set your destination as heaven, and there will be no reroute. You are secure. Go read Romans 8 and celebrate all you are and have in Jesus Christ.

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