God Shows His Love

Adobe Spark (14)Today is Memorial Day. A day that we, as citizens of the United States, remember the great sacrifices that have been made for our freedom. It is a humbling thought to remember that your ability to enjoy a day with your family today was purchased by the life of someone who signed up to protect and defend you. Today’s passage is Romans 5In this chapter, Paul tells of one who made an even greater sacrifice for our freedom than the one we celebrate on memorial day. Romans 5 is a beautiful passage to read. This morning, I am simply going to give you one or two notes/questions per “section” of Romans 5 and ask you to dig in yourself.

  • Verses 1-5: The word “justified” means “declared righteous.” I’ve heard it explained that justified means “just as if I never sinned.” We learned in chapters 1-3 that we have separated ourselves from God by our sin. What does Romans 5 tell us we get from being justified? What does it mean in your life, today, that you “have peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ?”
  • Verses 6-11: What does this section tell us about the cost of our “just as if I never sinned” status? Do we deserve the grace we receive? Do we live with a thanksgiving heart towards our Lord Jesus for what he did for us?
  • Verses 12-21: We are all, by birth, children of Adam. His sin of disobedience spread to all of us. It spread it two ways. It spread by guilt. In other words, all humans are guilty for the sin of our first father Adam. But it also spread by nature. What I mean is, we have a nature that tends to do like Adam and disobey God. One man’s sin did so much damage! And he was just a man! What if God came to earth as a man and made a way for us to have righteousness? He did! This is what this section talks about. As you enjoy today’s festivities, as yourself two questions: (1) Am I living like someone who has been saved from sin and death and now lives under the new reign of King Jesus? (2) Am I shining as a light, helping others see the joy and life that come from being saved from Adam’s curse and resting in the salvation Jesus gives?

Grace & Peace.

PS I plan to start sending these out a bit later for the summer. Most of my readers are students, and I know you guys are not going to be up 7:00 am every day this summer.

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