A Tiny Intro to Romans


rom intro

I write these quick daily devotions each day. They are primarily target at the highs school and college Students at Arlington. I try to keep them short so they are easy to read before school or work. Of course, being a nerd, I couldn’t jump into Romans without at least a bit of an introduction.  So…here it is. I’ll also post a devotion for Romans 1 today.

I am really excited to be going through Romans over the next few weeks and I pray the little notes I write down here are helpful to those who read them. While all of God’s Word is powerful and true, Romans holds a special place in the Christian life. Romans has had a major impact on many key leaders throughout church history. Both Martin Luther and Augustine credit their salvation to encounters with the book of Romans. Romans is probably the most complete explanation of the gospel, the transformation that comes through the gospel, and the life we are called to live in light of the gospel that Christians have.

I believe there is value in studying a book like romans at a pace of a few verses each day (or week). There is a lot to see and savor! I also think it can be really helpful to sit down and read a book like this in one sitting to give you a big picture view of everything God is telling us through it. We’re going to fall in the middle. The bad news is, at one chapter per day, we will not be able to dig into every verse. The good news is, by the end of about 3 weeks, we should have a good feel for the major themes in each chapter that I hope is helpful for your future study!

I’ll try to hit 1-3 big ideas from each chapter, and then wrap up each day with a couple of questions for reflection. Take advantage of these. Think them through with journal in hand, or while guzzling coffee on the way to school. Either way, try to reflect. We don’t want to just know God’s Word; we want to live it!

I pray our time together in Romans is helpful and that you are blessed by it! To get us started, here’s some quick take aways on how Paul introduces the book to us:


Romans is written by our friend the Apostle Paul. If you’ve been reading along in Acts, we’ve seen a lot of him lately! In verses 1-5, Paul introduces himself, reminds the people of his calling as an apostle, and greets the Roman church he is writing the letter to. The first chapter moves quickly from introduction to Paul’s passionate discussion about all Jesus has done in the gospel.

A Gospel for All Times

The gospel isn’t just for “really bad people” or even just for the lost. The gospel is something each of us needs to remember and apply to our lives every day! Paul knows this. In verses 8-15, Paul tells the Roman Christians how he longs to come see them. In verse 15, he wraps his greeting up by saying, “I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome.” Paul knows that there are people in Rome who have never heard the gospel, but he also knows that in Rome there are Christians who need to be reminded of the gospel. There are Christians who need their understanding of how the gospel applies to their lives deepened and strengthened.


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