God Over Circumstances

circumstancesDaily Reading: Today’s bible reading is Acts 23.

Have you ever had a season of life where it was hard to see God’s hand at work? Maybe you were spiritually dry and no matter where you look, if feels like you are simply at the mercy of a random series of events? Acts 23 continues unfolding the story of Paul’s imprisonment. He has faithfully preached the gospel, he’s lived with passion, and now he is sitting in a jail cell. These were dark times in Paul’s life. I’m sure at times he was tempted to wonder if he had been left alone to the mercy of the Jews and the Romans.

I want to encourage you to read Acts 23 this morning and consider this truth: Our God is sovereign even over our circumstances. Those things that are totally outside of our control are completely within his sovereign hand. Verses 12-22 of this chapter tell the story of one of Paul’s relatives “just so happening” to overhear a conversation about a plot on Paul’s life and warning him just in time. Not only that, at each stage of Paul’s imprisonment, he continues to have the opportunity to preach the gospel in front of higher and higher ranking Roman officials. Was all this an accident? No way! Did it feel like the madness of dark times and hard circumstances? I’m sure it did at times.

Our good friend James Montgomery Boice says it better than I can, we’ll close with his words.

I cannot tell you what God is doing in your circumstances. I cannot see the future any more than you can. But God is doing something in your circumstances. And if you are going through dark times, as Paul was, if you are discouraged, if the way seems dark, if you are weary with the struggle, the message of this chapter is to continue to trust in God and serve him regardless. His purposes for you will be accomplished, the day will brighten, and the will of God will be done. (Boice)

Grace & Peace.

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