Doctrine Matters

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Daily Reading: Today’s bible reading is Acts 15

I want to encourage you to dive in to Acts 15 on your own today. From this chapter, we can learn a lot about how and when to stand up for truth. I just want to point out one thing implied in the passage that we might not immediately think of: In the midst of the mission, doctrine matters.

It is tempting to want to jump on board when we hear people say things like, “I’m not really into all that theology; I’m more into telling people about Jesus.” Or, “I don’t want to get hung up on doctrine; I just want people to know Jesus.” The reality is, while those statements sound great, if we want to obey the great commission, doctrine matters.

In Acts 15, the mission is going great, but the church is almost stumbled by a theological question: Do Gentile believers have to obey the Old Testament law?  I’ll leave you to read Acts 15 and find out. I just want to point out, it mattered! Jesus doesn’t tell us, “Go spread my love.” (Though I think that’s a great thing to do!) He says, make disciples (learners), “teaching them to obey all that I commanded.” If we want to be faithful to make disciples, then it I going to matter what we believe about what a disciple is and how one is made.

My only point is this. Keep up the good work of picking up your Bible everyday, studying hard in your small group, and listening to great sermons. If you want to be on mission for Christ, you want to stay encouraged and stay informed about what his Word says the mission is. Stay close to Jesus and remember that his truth is worth standing up for.

Grace & Peace.

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