Don’t Be the One

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Don’t be the the one through whom temptations come to your brothers and sisters. Don’t be the one who leads others astray. Jesus provides a sober warning for those who do at the beginning of Luke 17.

[1] And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come! [2] It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. ”

Luke 17:1-2 (ESV)

Very short and sweet today. Here’s the big idea. There will be someone in the room who leads everyone to grumble. Don’t let it be you. Lead those around you to be thankful. Guys, there will be someone who leads the locker room to objectify women and display unrestrained lust. Don’t let it be you. Be an example of purity. Ladies, our culture will encourage you to entice a guy with your body. Don’t let it be you who encourages your brother to lust. Be an example of inner beauty and modesty.

As much as possible, cling to Christ and be an example of godliness. Temptations will come, don’t be their carrier.

Daily Reading: Today’s bible reading is  Luke 17.  

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