Don’t Forget the Gospel

Imagine you went to a car dealership and the salesman told you he had a car that had every feature you wanted for a low price.  It has power everything, leather seats, your favorite color, a premium sound system and low mileage.  The body and interior are in excellent condition, and the tires have thousands of miles left on them.  There’s one catch.  This car has no engine.  Would you buy this car?

Imagine you went into a church that had everything you wanted.  Great programs, exactly your “style” of worship music (whatever that means) and the best facilities you can imagine.  The age demographic is just what you’re looking for, Sunday School teachers are really nice and lot’s of fun, and the people act super holy, vote republican and have strong morals.  There’s one catch.  The church has no gospel.  Would you go to this church?

A car with every feature under the sun isn’t worth much if it has no engine is it?  It can’t go anywhere or do anything.  It sits there and looks flashy and pretty, but ultimately it’s ineffective for it’s intended purpose.

I worry that in the church, we look for the features, programs, ministries, and styles that suit us best, but we forget to ask the most important question.  Is the gospel at the center of what we’re doing?  On a smaller scale, is my Sunday School lesson, my small group, or my service team built around the gospel?

A car’s engine is what makes a car a car. The good news of God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ is what makes the church the church.  As we move forward as a church, we want to have programs and ministries that serve Jesus bride well, but ultimately, we must have the gospel.  It must be at the center.  Without it, we have to ask if what we’re doing is distinctly Christian.


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